Andy Albright

Bee Downtown is so grateful for Andy Albright, North Carolina State University alum and CEO of National Agents Alliance. He has been a huge supporter along the way! He grew up in a farmhouse in Burlington, NC, balancing his time between baseball and farming, but he never lost sight of his future. Putting his textile sciences degree to use, he worked for various textile companies after college, however he still had a yearning for something-- creating a business of his own. He co-founded National Agents Alliance in 2002, and became the CEO 4 years later. He loves his work with NAA, because he is able to empower people to take control of their own lives. He is currently working on transforming the company into a full-fledged insurance company, and is eager to do so. As of 2017, he sponsors a hive that is located on his old stomping grounds, the campus of NC State University.

Location: North Carolina State University Apiary
Number of hives: 1