With hopes to improve global health, bioMérieux cares deeply about humanity. The international company provides reagents, instruments and software that determine the source of disease and contamination. While they mainly deal with diagnosing and monitoring health, their services are appreciated on the industrial front too. For example, their products are used to detect microorganisms in agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They are dedicated to their global presence, having locations in 42 countries with networks and distributors in over 150. While bioMérieux is not striving to combat infectious diseases, they are looking for ways to reduce climate change. “bioMérieux Goes Green,” a current initiative at the company, seeks to efficiently use their resources as a means to mitigate any harmful impacts they might have on the environment. The program focuses on 5 key areas: Energy, Water, Paper, Waste and Emissions. It has two specific, yet respectable goals, which are to reduce its paper consumption by nearly 36% in France and 19% in the U.S., and to cut its energy consumption by 14% overall. Keeping bees, no doubt, fits into this sustainable mindset!

Location: Durham, NC
Number of hives: 3