It's common knowledge that Chick-fil-A is centered around "eating more chicken," but did you know that their CEO, Dan Cathy, has a passion for keeping bees? From every "fiber" of their being, Chick-fil-A is a sustainable business. They Upcycle plastic bottles to be stewards of the planet while making a fashion statement in the process. As of May 2017, more than 5.3 million plastic bottles have been recycled to clothe over 100,000 restaurant employees across the country. In the words of their founder, S. Truett Cathy, "we should be about more than just selling chicken. We should be a part of our customers' lives and the communities in which we serve." Chick-fil-A continues to do just that. In Spring 2018, five new hives were installed at Chick-fil-A's Support Center. For over 70 years, the company has demonstrated a love for their customers and the environment. It is "our pleasure" to partner with Chick-fil-A!

Location: Chick-fil-A Support Center
Number of hives: 5