Give the Gift of Education

After two and a half wonderful years of our nonprofit leg being in a fiscal sponsorship with Abundance, NC, Bee Downtown Foundation has taken the leap to become its own 501c3 Foundation.

As a reminder, while Bee Downtown is primary a for-profit organization that generates revenue from our hive and maintenance sales, we are passionately committed to education in our community. For that reason we have the Bee Downtown Foundation, a nonprofit leg of the company that operates solely for providing education around pollinators and pollinator health, the importance of agriculture, and understanding where food comes from. Each year a portion of what the for-profit makes is given to the nonprofit to provide funding to visit schools, clubs, committees, and more, but the demand for us to come speak is too high to fully fund Bee Downtown Foundation simply from our for-profit.


Last year alone we visited over 25 schools/events and spoke with over 800 local children. Our hope next year is to double the amount of schools we visit so that we can invite even more of our next generation of world leaders to “Bee the Change They Wish to See in the World”.

So, In the spirit of the holidays, if you feel so inclined to donate to Bee Downtown Foundation to help us visit even more schools in the upcoming year, we would truly appreciate your support!


To donate please click below!

We wish you the very best and a happy new year!


-The Bee Downtown Foundation