IBM does a multitude of things, ranging from selling computer software, hardware and middleware, to offering technology consulting services. In really simple terms, their forte is technology. Their company is broad and utilized by a plethora of businesses across many industries. Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Petroleum, Healthcare and Media are just a handful of sectors IBM works with. One of the industries that particularly catches our eye is Energy and Utilities. Waternamics is a platform they came up with that helps IBM reduce water loss and network disruptions. A social entreprise called Plastic Bank uses LinuxONE, an IT product made by IBM, to help alleviate extreme poverty by recycling ocean plastic. There are many more examples than just those two, proving that they do their part to help the environment. Now they can add sustaining healthy bee communities to the list as well!

Location: North Carolina Museum of Art Community Apiary
Number of hives: 1