runaway clothing company

RUNAWAY is North Carolina's premier lifestyle brand. Founded in 2011 by visual artist Gabe Eng-Goetz, the company is inspired by those who "run from convention" in search of something greater than themselves, and they still encourage everyone to do this today.  Through a combination of apparel, art exhibitions, concerts, documentary filmmaking, and more, the company is pioneering a new wave of creative entrepreneurship throughout the Triangle area. They appreciate progress while honoring the past. Durham has such a rich and diverse history, that they can’t help but celebrate it specifically through their DURM campaign, a line of t shirts, hats and jerseys with the DURM logo sprinkled throughout.  In 2016, due to an overwhelming support from fans, they opened up a flagship location in the heart of Durham-- welcoming all vagrants and vagabonds.

Location: American Tobacco Campus Community Apiary
Number of hives: 1