In the mid 1960s, there was a vast need for a computerized statistics program to help analyze large amounts of agricultural data that the United States government had collected. At North Carolina State University, SAS began as a small project to study and organize agricultural data, but as the demand for similar software capabilities rose, the once small, local project turned into an analytics and software company. They have always aimed to improve and innovate performance on an international scale. It is true that SAS' expertise lies with analytics and software, but that does not mean their passion for sustainability falls short. Recycling and energy conservation are high on their priority list. In 2017, the company generated 3.5 million kWh of clean, renewably sourced energy from solar powered systems, so it is no surprise that SAS has 10 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certifications, with more underway. We are thrilled they now sponsor hives through Bee Downtown!

Location: Cary, North Carolina
Number of hives: 2