Ben Dictus


Hi ya’ll! I am Ben Dictus, and I lead beekeeping for Bee Downtown in the Triangle area. I grew up in Wisconsin, earned a degree in biology from Lawrence University, a masters degree at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and am now working on my Ph. D at North Carolina State in Higher Education Administration.  I became excited about bees during my undergraduate experience in Wisconsin when I did a senior thesis on prairie ecology and spent a lot of time watching bees visit the flowers I was studying!  However, I first started beekeeping after moving to NC in 2015. I keep personal hives, but really learned bees while working for Eurofins Agroscience as a member of the beekeeper team. We did research on hives with colony counts exceeding 1000!

I love bees and love educating. Bee Downtown connects these passions together in a beautiful way for me, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.