Paul Van De Putte


Hi, I'm Paul.  I manage the day-to-day operations of Bee Downtown.  The "first third" of my career was in professional services.  After graduating from Lehigh University, I joined the audit practice at Price Waterhouse.  I left to get my MBA at Duke University and then spent seven years in the Performance Improvement Consulting Practice at Ernst & Young.  The "second third" of my career was spent in the entrepreneur/business owner arena.  I bought a third-generation family business that we cleaned up, fixed up, grew and sold to Cintas Corp (NYSE:CTAS).  I then started an office coffee and water business that I sold to Quench USA (NYSE:WAAS) in 2018.  For the "third-third" I wanted to have fun, enjoy the people around me, and do something that makes a difference.  I'm excited about Bee Downtown and our ability to have a significant impact on our customers, their employees, and the world around us.