Nicholas Weaver

Lead Beekeeper, GA

Hello, I’m Nicholas – the Lead Beekeeper for our expansion into Atlanta, GA! I got started in beekeeping almost twenty years ago as a backyard enthusiast, and decided to make a career out of it while in college. I became the full-time project supervisor, responsible for all research colonies at the University of Georgia in 2012, where I worked until taking on the role of Atlanta Lead Beekeeper here at Bee Downtown! I’m a major advocate for backyard beekeeping in the state and enjoy giving talks about honey bees ranging from basic beekeeping practices throughout the year to disease identification, and several topics in between. In my ‘free time,’ you can usually find me in my personal bee yards with my son, Zachary, who has been keeping bees with me since before he could walk! I’m eager to get my daughter, Fiona, into the hive for her first taste of fresh honey once she turns one. Having grown up just outside of Atlanta, I’m excited to see enthusiasm for beekeeping growing, and look forward to partnering with beekeepers and bee-lovers in the area!