Waste Industries

Picking up your trash and recycling may be what first comes to mind when you think of Waste Industries, but they are so much more than that! For the past 40 years, ever since it was founded, they have had a whole initiative dedicated to sustainability. By thinking sustainably, they were far ahead of their time, and because of this, they are now still at the forefront of innovation when it comes to waste. Currently, they are proudly converting the trash you and I throw away into clean, renewable energy for our homes. In really simple terms, wells in the landfills capture the methane released from naturally decomposing waste. From there, it is transferred to The Black Creek Renewable Energy Plant. The gathered methane is converted into energy and then to electricity. They are simultaneously reducing methane emissions and their own environmental impact. We are grateful that their efforts help keep our bees buzzing!

Location: North Carolina Museum of Art Community Apiary
Number of hives: 1
Website: https://wasteindustries.com/